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Pantones are for print, they are specific mixed ink that creates a standard color that can be replicated on printed materials. Think the red in Coca Cola, or the blue from Tiffany. Those logos look the same when printed on any material, because a Pantone can be matched pretty much exactly. A Pantone is solid, where as CMYK is a mix of dots used to create continuous tone in print (if you look through a loop you can see the difference). Pantone is also a business, and has now hopped on the subscription train.


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I made it to Vienna 4 years ago. The entire trip was amazing, except the fact that I had a lump I knew in my heart was cancer, so the entire trip I was inwardly congratulating myself on making it to Europe before my demise. The song crossed my mind many times on that vacation, and I still wonder if I had have lived with less stress and took more time for myself if I would have been able to prevent getting sick. No one knows, but I can tell you that now I live a far more balanced life. I want to make a success of myself, but not at my own expense. I take time for the things I like to do rather than working late, and I cut all the toxic people out of my life. I do regret not doing it sooner. Life is so much better without all the pressure I was putting on myself.