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My parents told me there’s an invisible spanking machine in the closet that malfunctioned and accidentally spanked their first kid too much and that’s why I’m now the oldest... Parents are just us when grown up and say wild shit sometimes because it’s funny to them and kids are stupid


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“This dude has literally 0 idea wtf he’s talking about” is incorrect because he’s applying his singular experience in Colorado to someone working elsewhere under different protocols. We transport dead bodies in my state. The guy I responded to said that’s not what happens. He’s objectively wrong and I called him out on it as a higher level of care provider. In my area, doctors pronounce the patient 99.99% of the time. If someone works in a different system where things are done differently I wouldn’t tell him he’s wrong


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Bro, you can both be right depending on where you work. I’m a medic, and we bring in dead pts if the doc is in the mood. Pulseless vtachs and vfibs usually end up getting transported. Asystole almost never. Sometimes PEA. Stop and remember for a second that America is a massive and diverse place and your experience isn’t the same as everyone else’s. Don’t talk down to him when you’re just as wrong


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Every stadium is now “Corporation Name+Field/Stadium/Arena”: No more names, just sponsors. And it’s still not enough money for the teams, since prices are unreasonable for normal people