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Just like we standardized on kms, nms, etc. Only few countries in the world are using miles, and only conventionally - even US scientists rely on metric system.

The whole metric system is based on constants like kilogram, meter, second, etc. That conveniently correlate with each other and are used almost universally - first they were defined by well-preserved objects (e.g. 1kg steel block), now we define them using physics.


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"Зачем нам мир без России?" - "Why do we need the world without Russia?" - a phrase commonly told by putin. A dictator who loses a self created war, loses power, and is desperate, is something to be feared. Russia doesn't want nuclear war, but nobody can say so about its leader.

Maybe I'm just panicking, but there no need to keep the guard down.


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His tactics were quite innovative for the time:

  • Talented usage of artillery and cavalry
  • Surprise attacks
  • Quick movement of his armies across land, often ignoring supply lines and using local resources
  • Extremely high morale of his army - Napoleon knew how to make soldiers loyal and inspire them

He also gained huge support of civil population in France, meaning that he got his back covered throughout the wars.