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It’s not like there will be just one.

AI Training is essentially a process of building, testing, and deleting the 99% worst performing bots to achieve alignment, usually via a set of objective functions. Billions and billions of bots rapidly get created and destroyed during this process. It doesn’t stop until the desired behavior is achieved.

To get something like ChatGPT with 175 billion parameters I’d imagine there were trillions of epochs and orders of magnitude more iterations. That’s why these models cost so much to train.

So yeah, algorithm developers ask questions, and if it answers wrong - poof.


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Good to know. We have data scientists here that could implement something like this but they’re working on stuff that’s way too specific to train a model on good marketing practices just for my little department. All in all though, chatGPT has been really great as-is. I feel like I have a new work buddy, and I’m ravenously consuming every GPT-4 rumor I can find.


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A few things off the top of my head:

  • Writing criteria and methodologies for marketing studies.
  • Converting table data into prose.
  • Copywriting (duh)
  • Creative brainstorming
  • Project planning and basic guidance
  • A file-naming-standards widget I’m building in Excel, and potentially in PowerApps.
  • Building a style guide
  • Writing go-to-market plans
  • javascript expressions for Adobe After Effects
  • Presentation planning

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AI will disrupt people who sit in front of a computer 8 hours a day for sure. I’m already using it to help me write ad copy and create artwork for marketing materials. I’m guessing machine repairmen will have job security longer than the rest of us.