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Took my (overdue) car to the shop this morning for an inspection. I have such bad car anxiety where it’s either gonna be like $50 or $5,000 and I never know where I’m gonna land. My next big adult task will be to stop ghosting my dentist.

Finished putting together a Lego flower bouquet last night which is bringing me joy to look at while WFH today. I have a call with a client later (I hate phone calls) but otherwise just click clacking away!


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Back at work, but I’m off tomorrow for my late father’s birthday (I get too sad throughout the day).

I’ve been slowly getting back into running after having to take roughly 8 months off due to health issues but this gloomy day means I’ll likely opt for the gym this evening instead.


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Still mad at myself for having a little too much fun on Saturday and spending my Sunday hungover watching basketball.

Do you ever catch your pet watching you leave for work in the morning? I always try not to look but my cat had this look of “don’t leave me” and it broke my heart.


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I think the new location could’ve been okay but when it’s on Blvd, people enter from all side streets and I think it dices up the crowd organically. When everyone approached Leigh from Blvd this year, it created a bottleneck in terms of lines (none of the “let’s walk around and find the beer truck” because you were immediately thrown into its line). We ended up continuing down to the second beer truck and the line was much shorter and got through in 15 minutes (around 2pm).

I will say, closer to the DMV side, the DJ was LOUD.

Also I’m just glad I made the wise decision to get in the bathroom line BEFORE I truly needed it, as that wait was brutal. Found it funny that everyone was ducking behind bushes next to the Bon Secours with the cops posted up directly next to them.

Anyway, it was exactly what I’d expected. People-watching, questionable clothing choices that made me appreciate my jacket for warmth, “where are you” texts to locate people, and subpar beer choices.


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Treated myself to a coffee this morning since I’ll likely be focused on the same task all day, like yesterday. I’m just over a month into the new job and despite the workload, I’m still happy about it!

I’m having major body dysmorphia this week and it’s giving me a huge spike of anxiety every morning when figuring out what to wear. I just want to curl up on the couch and not have to think about my appearance.


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Well now I want chips and salsa so thanks for that.

Coworker and I took a stroll to the downtown Starbucks this morning which is working wonders on my energy levels.

Woke up alone this morning as my cat had already relocated to the windowsill perch (he has a bed there) to watch everyone’s morning commute on 195. Hate waking up without him, but he’s a curious cat so I’ve gotta respect his neighborhood watch assignment.


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Really hoping for snow tomorrow but it’s looking less and less likely.

Currently working on Shrinking on AppleTV - I was a big HIMYM fan so I love Jason Segel.

Started The Menu (went into it blindly) and I’m not sure I enjoy it at all.

Just waiting for the newest season of Love Island UK to be passed over to Hulu!


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Slept from ~4pm until 10:30pm last night, then had a small snack and went back to sleep. I’ve been painfully tired lately but maybe that’s the difference between working a job where I’m not just twiddling my thumbs all day.

Anyway, told myself last night that today could be a Starbucks day since I technically didn’t buy any this weekend (my mom did, for me). There is no temperature in which I will not drink my coffee iced.


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I had to make a map for a roommate once so she knew which streets were parallel aka alternative options for her work commute.

This pic might help! (Although I would encompass Cary St. east of boulevard as part of the Fan as well. To the west of boulevard, Cary St. is Carytown.) I think Stitchmond’s ruling of using the expressway as a southern cutoff point is very valid. I only use VCU as an eastern cutoff as the parking regulations change drastically in that area and you can get a feel for when you’re technically “on campus.”


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Woke up late but slowly getting moving so I can go to the gym. Spent all day yesterday with my mom which was long overdue. Sometimes I worry that she’s lonely (divorced in 07 and never remarried or dated much) so I try to call or run errands with her as much as possible. Plus, we’re a horrible influence on each other once we step into a Target, and sometimes you just need a little mother-daughter retail therapy.

Skipped Girls Who Walk today as my occipital neuralgia has been absolutely destroying me all week and really waters me down socially.

ALSO- I think I almost got pyramid schemed at the Staples Mill target yesterday (I’ve had this happen 3 times at the Libbie one, and once at the WL Old Navy). I didn’t waste any time cutting off the convo and then warned my mom not to engage if anyone is barreling questions at her following a simple compliment. I really hate this concept.