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Missile is a Pomeranian who loves his mistress and has the power to swap the location of two objects so long as they are the same shape.

Fenton Crackshell is an accountant who moonlights as a robotic superhero. Beyond his robotic suit superpowers he can count any number of objects instantaneously and accurately.

They are fighting over which of them Fenton's mother loves most. (For the purposes of the story let's just say the mother is also Missile's mistress)


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Gandalf strikes me as uninterested in education, although he'd curbstomp Voldemort.

Dumbledore canonically puts on cursed rings he ought not to.

This will not end well unless Gandalf trains Hogwarts as an army and leads them back to Middle Earth to confront a resurgent Sauron.


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I've read this as a moderately hard sci fi novel. One was a desert, one an ocean. The desert had all these weird slightly soft rocks that didn't fit geologically, think glacial boulders. Turned out they were eggs from when the water switched sides every so often