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Because there have never been and never will be real studies to determine whether this is actually a dangerous thing or not. The fear is that your device emits a signal on a frequency that will interfere with flight systems and cause problems or a crash.

Starting in the early 2000s, they would make you turn off ALL electronic devices just in case and you weren't even allowed to read a personal organizer or perhaps an ebook reader. It took them 10 years or so until it was finally decided that your Bluetooth headphones weren't going to crash a plane, and now they all have WiFi on board anyway.

There may come a day when they stop caring, but for now, it's all restricted out of fear/paranoia rather than being known for sure to be a problem. As someone who has flown for decades, I have observed that many (MANY!) people have really never cared to follow these instructions and we have yet to hear of a crash being caused by electronic interference.


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Our color preferences change over time, and new ones will always seem bright and fresh to us. There are professionals with advanced degrees and lots of artistic experience who spend their careers developing these and selling them to other companies--clothing manufacturers, artists, whatever. When you look at older palettes, like from your childhood, they always seem dim and dark even though they seemed bright and fresh at the time because there has been a continuous progression of colors since then and you have experienced this passage in time, personally.


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Because the weather swings back and forth, hot and cold. When you put more energy into it, these swings get bigger but also trend towards hotter. This means that you get hotter summers and occasionally colder/wetter winters, but each summer will be the hottest summer of your life from now until you die. Worse: a lot of our infrastructure relies on weather patterns and ocean currents, and those are greatly influenced by the evaporation of water in hotter locations. With greater heat, you melt more glaciers, ice caps, and ice sheets. This additional water will break a lot of these patterns, and will eventually make some parts of the world (like Europe) that are very amenable to human living into places that can no longer support agriculture.


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Soap does two things: it dissolves oils that water alone can’t and it changes the pH of your skin so that bacteria don’t like to live there for a while. That’s why the 20 second thing exists.

You can’t sterilize your mouth, it’ll always be a perfect place for bacteria to live. Instead, you can focus on mechanically removing the wastes deposited with the toothbrush. Your toothpaste is just a vehicle for a nice flavor/odor, a bit of abrasive to help with cleaning, and a touch of fluoride. The real work comes from your toothbrush.