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i don't see anyone heaping praise on American Movie (one of my top 10 of all time) - so i'm dutifully mentioning it being an incredible, life-changing movie that you may not even believe is real at times (it is, i promise).

amazingly, i was not aware he had also directed Tiger King(!), which totally makes sense now.


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it's also used to be my go-to karaoke song (in certain company). as a skinny unassuming white dude, i can do an alarmingly good louis armstrong impression. now i'd never want to cause smartphones would blast me on socials, and i don't think i could handle the pressures of being super famous for it.


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the worst part is these MF's have spent absolutely zero time thinking about what their tiny portion of 'perfect', 'moral', perpetually online people are suppose to do to change anything once the dust settles and they've banished 95% of their own party from their ranks. i'd bet good money their voting participation records are well below average, too


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am i dreaming, or do i feel like a lot of times when it's an older person (confused) as you described, a story often ends with 'the crash does not appear to be intentional at this time'

not sure if this is some version of a canary in a coal mine to communicate this fact before police want to make an official statement or if it's just random and i'm imagining any sort of pattern


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well, if the US doesn't melt down this november or the one in 2024 causing cascading economic catastrophes across the globe, halting most of what we consider societal normalcy, then yeah. i kinda think we'll see the whole targaryen dynasty on screen from HBO in some form or another [nervous laughter]


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tbh, any media being made for general audiences (in the western world) would be kinda dumb to not capitalize on black culture, whether it's a fair representation of your regional demographics or not. hip hop has absolutely conquered the world in terms of culture. since the 80s/90s it's just been a blanket laid over everything. it's nearing its final stages working its way into country music.