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You're welcome! It's ok, no worries. That's good that you feel the same intelligence, I'm happy for you. Ooooh hope not either. Lol. You're welcome again. It's new for me to talk to a zombie. Witches, Vampires, eh I'm used to those. But a zombie girl? That's all new


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But they could still take her out long enough to contain her. Yeah video and witness stuff is bad hence why I said keep a low profile. I was mostly curious if their was more, or potentially untapped powers shes might not be consciously aware of


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Honestly, your mom seems to genuinely care for and love you, in her own way. Keep learning what you can, but keep a low profile. You live in the suburbs, you dont want to attract the attention of bored housewives with big mouths. You said before you can regenerate and communicate with the dead, do you have any other unusual powers or abilities? I'm curious what would make you so dangerous in their eyes