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Just ten minutes a day on whatever your dream is. Do it everyday. Start good habits now. Stop procrastinating and make yourself do the hard work now and later everything will come much easier. Enjoy all the small things. Remember bad luck does end but it's a cycle good luck ends too, both come back. Have a plan for emergencies. If you find a good partner charish the good and bad times.


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I use a keyboard hooked up to a looper. You can set the beat however you want set to loop. Then switch cords to electric guitar, loop that onto it if you want or just play to the beat. You just need one good amp for this as well. Get an amp that has a mic and guitar cord hookup and you're set to jam buddy.


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My favorite saying is "habits are for lazy people". Being said start good habits from day one. Clean as you go, immediately throw trash away. Don't let laundry pile up(they have pods and I suggest buying them over liquid detergent).The diffuser is a great thing, no chance of fire(unless you're a complete idiot). Maintenance everything you can(you'll thank yourself later). Use cleaning vinegar instead of bleach also I use hydrogen peroxide on everything as well. If you don't want to do dishes buy paper plates and plastic silverware.