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Makes me think the fact that many bats eat mosquitoes would expose them to many diseases from a variaty of other animals. Also, bats are often communal, so pathogens that can spread among the bats are selected for.

Insectivoir bats can't eat if they are weak so the bats' immune response has evolved to best handle frequent outbreaks of all sorts.


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Games sell hardware. A Nvidia partnership game is made to make the most common hardware obsolete, so new hardware can be sold.

The games industry has split into three, AAA games, free to play microtransaction games, and indie games. The industry wants to kill indie games because they don't generate any shareholder returns. They will obliterate Steam with frivolous lawsuits and givaways, and then the creativity that big corporations can't compete with will go away.


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A 1060 SHOULD play almost every game out there. The games that don't are mostly open world RPGs like we had in 2014 with low graphics settings options omitted.

The power consumption is what offends me most. Like, by now you should be able to play games on 200 watts, but nope, 500+ watts or GTFO.


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Latent heat. At higher pressures water freezes at lower temperatures. At higher pressures the latent heat of fusion increases.

As a material passes from liquid phase down to solid energy is released. Same as how steam releases a lot of heat as it condenses on your hand when you delid a boiling pot of water. This is called latent heat of fusion, and latent heat of vaporization.

Water is weird. It is most dense at 4°C then begins to expand toward 0°C as it forms transient nano scale clusters of molecules. At high pressures these nano clusters are less able to form.


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What I meant by "environment of legal restriction" was strict building codes, stubborn approval processes, and zoning. I wasn't talking about environmentalism.

Environmental restrictions can fulfill that function of restricting supply in a way that benefits landlords, but the developers would be burdened with extra costs for surveys.


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Everyday homeowners don't build housing developments. You might say that they don't control the means of production. Landlords and developers create an environment of legal restriction to ensure that competition does not cut into the profits of their business model. Nimby homeowners just jump on the bandwagon.


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Weird, I scrolled down and 4 posts below this was an ad for a prescription drug. Why are big corporations allowed to sell drugs and nobody else? Why should we trust our corporate overlords?