stud__kickass t1_j6wy0kq wrote

The Washington valor games were pretty fun. You could get nice box seats for super cheap.

They also had the “bud light zone” directly behind one endzone, where you had unlimited beer. I think season tix came out to like $40 a game, 6 games in the season.

The best was the scheduling. The games were like mid Saturday, so a great pregame, and still have the whole afternoon/evening to go out after

Very high action - I’d recommend it if you live close to a team! I brought a friend to one game (he’s not a football fan) and he had a great time


stud__kickass t1_j2snm97 wrote

I smoked & if there wasn’t a trash can nearby I’d pop the cherry and keep the butt in the pack. I smell like cigs already, who cares if I smell a little bit more like cigs

But I have noticed it’s cleaner around town now that since vapes are now very popular