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May I ask how old you are? Did your parents give you the guinea pig to check if you are fit to take care for a dog?

I highly recommend you study the type of pet you are thinking about taking care of before you actually get the pet. Most human food is not good for animals (I mean, half the time even we should not be consuming it...). An oversight like this can easily lead to you killing your pet.

Happy everything turned out OK this time.


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Well, if it's just a panel I need to push in, I will do it myself, since the time I put in to fix it is in no relation to the time I waste when dealing with the whole warranty process.

Car analogies simply don't work in all cases.

I understand your frustration with a non working product, but you identified the issue and the fix was simple. I am not sure if it's worth wasting your, your girlfriends and the company time just because of principle...


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Yeah, you are not getting that money back. WTF were you even thinking? For $600 you should be able to get some high class hooker in a half decent establishment, not some random internet hookup.

I suggest you file this under "lessons learned" and move on with your life.


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I like em clicky, so my favorites are the Kailh Box Jades. The navy blue are very similar in sound but quite a bit heavier, too heavy for my pinky.

The box whites are the lightest of them all but also the least loud. Those are the ones that I can use in the night with two doors closed and not wake up my wife, the Jades not so much.

All of them have click bars.

I have also been using Cherry MX Blues for a long time, but would not recommend them since you have way better options nowadays.

None of them I would recommend for an office environment, your colleagues will probably plot to assassinate you.


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I took my switch tester to a meetup with friends a couple days ago, because one of them wanted to borrow it. Of course everyone started to play around with it and everyone was able to feel differences. I just think it is a matter of sample size. If you happen to have two very similar switches that are potentially over-lubed, then yeah, it will be hard to notice a difference.


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I wonder which switches you compared to come to this conclusion?

I am no fan of linear switches myself, but most of them are pretty distinct in feel, sound or both. I mean unless you fill them up with lube to the brim...


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Yeah, you know - you can have more than one keyboard. The argumentation line is also very simple: One keyboard for every day of the week, you know - for variety, this can then easily be scaled up to day of the month, and special holidays... Of course for leap years you would also want something different...

So, the correct amount of keyboards to own is always "current amount + 1"...


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I see. My offer still stands, should you come to Vienna.

I personally like to shop with eloquent clicks, they have a decent selection and you can get switches in a 10 pack. I usually order some of those and then a big pack on my next order of the ones I liked best.

Kbdfans also ships with DHL and they are fast (less than a week), you will pay import duties and fees though...