subtodub t1_jegz3mb wrote

I've been into this hobby for 2 and a half years so don't really have much lineage, but my then Starfield (that has been sold to a friend) is still in great condition. I still daily-drive my Blessing 2 for close to 2 years right now. I also still have some cheap $2 earbuds from a local store and it still sounds like what it used to 8-9 years ago (Read: Bad).


I've been quite blessed with QC though, only have had minor issues (paint chipping). Things that I broke (cosmetically like my Blessing 2) is fully on me, and even then, with some tape and glue, it still works wonders.


subtodub t1_j8khwo7 wrote

I've been using the same battle-scarred Blessing 2 (I scuffed the housing haha) for the past 1.5 year. I really don't feel the need to upgrade and probably won't do so unless it actually proper broke down, unusable.

If I'm bored with the sound tho, I'd just use EQ presets to simulate other IEM "sound" with my IEM for a day or two then revert to stock sound or my custom EQ after I'm done, repeat. Not for everyone, I know, but doing so is enough for me to satiate my curiosity on the new hot thing on the market.