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I get the Eufy camera concerns, but practically every major electronics retailer has had a recall over battery issues at one point or another. As long as there isn't evidence that Anker is systematically ignoring battery concerns or there are widespread defects across multiple models, I don't see a reason not to trust their batteries even after this.


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I use color tunable smart bulbs in a few areas of my house that offer a "circadian rhythm" setting that automatically adjusts the color temperature throughout the day. Starts off in the morning around 5000k and gradually adjusts to around 2800k by the evening. I love it this way, I need that white light in the morning to help me feel more energized, especially since our living room doesn't get a lot of natural light.


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My father in law hoarded about $30k in cash that was discovered around his house after he died, along with some silver. He was very distrustful of banks and the government which is why he did that. We never would have been able to convince him to deposit or invest that money for that reason.

Fireproof bags or safes would certainly be an improvement. Maybe it would be worth asking if he'd buy precious metals (gold/silver) instead. Even though it's not considered to be a great investment by most, it typically at least keeps pace with inflation, would allow his to keep his wealth in his home, and would hold up better against a fire, since the melting point of both metals is higher than that of a typical house fire (and even if it does melt, the metal can still likely be recovered).


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You may be required to have an escrow account, particularly if you're below a certain percentage of equity in your house. Lenders want to make sure that insurance is being kept up to date and taxes are being paid on properties that they have a significant amount of stake in.

But if you're allowed to drop it, then you may want to, assuming that you're organized enough and financially disciplined enough to weather a big tax payment every year instead of monthly installments. Your insurance company may give you a discount by paying your premiums annually rather than monthly, which you typically won't get when paying via escrow.


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Yeah, I don't follow competitive chess at all, so when I first heard about the allegations, I just rolled my eyes and figured Carlsen was just a huge crybaby. But the more I read about this, the more I'm convinced that he knew exactly what he was talking about.