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Protip, always ask the tow truck driver to poke around. They've seen more mechanical issues than you have guaranteed. Last week the shifter in my boyfriend's car went totally slack - the stick would move but it wouldn't leave park. He freaked out, thinking it was his transmission, worried he would have to pay a fortune. When he called the tow truck driver, he looked underneath the car, saw that the bolt on the linkage had sheared off, jury-rigged it back together just well enough to throw it in neutral and get it on the tow truck, and my boyfriend was able to walk into the mechanic already knowing exactly what was wrong with it. Ended up only paying an hour of labor and a $20 part.


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self-report doesn't necessarily mean they were asked if they "felt" they had particular conditions; the wording of the question matters heavily (e.g. it could have said "have you ever been diagnosed," "have you ever suspected," "has any friend or family member ever told you," etc which would all have dramatically different effects)

edit: exact wording for the study was "Have you ever been diagnosed with, or treated for, any of the conditions" with a set of nine conditions participants could select. I suppose people could lie or misremember, but it's not particularly subjective.