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I had to go read the article bc I'm in Seattle and there's no way Vermont is worse than here. The number and ranking is counted as a per capita unit which is fine because it does tell a story but it shouldn't be used for the ranking imo. And VT has only 2% that aren't sheltered. I'd say VT is doing a much better job than most places. We have so many unhoused, unsheltered ppl here. Giant tent cities , massive piles of garbage. Its like whackamole here cause they finally clean one up due to a fatal stabbing or fire, and then they just pop up somewhere else.

I have empathy for the ppl. I used to work in a women's and children's shelter in the area. But the news stories trying to humanize the situation are frustrating to me because even if the unsheltered say they weren't always like this, then why do they leave garbage and trash and poop everywhere? They go to the store for food, they can buy a trash bag and keep their garbage collected if they really haven't always been like this. (The ppl is shelters are not generally the ones doing this though, just to clarify)

The affordable housing situation is a problem everywhere and it's so frustrating that at almost every level of government no one who has the power and funding will do anything about it.


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Or, they read the implementation pages and we're like nope, were not going to actually try to be more inclusive?? The implementation pages have pretty clear actions they are committed to taking or trying to take. I'm wondering if they missed those at first and were like hell no, were not going to actually get into the weeds on this topic?


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I hope I didn't give the impression that drivers in the Seattle area are predictable. they are aggressive and unpredictable, which is why it's not uncommon when a light turns green here that folks don't go because you have to see how many assholes are going to continue on their merry way ignoring their red light.

I hate the over courteous thing as well. I t-boned a vehicle 3 years ago because I was driving in the far lane and the other two lanes were backed up so they courteously waved this dumb lady through and she turned right in front of me. Lady didn't even look. Injured my leg and hip and wrist trying my damnedest to stop, not to mention the whiplash. Still makes me so angry, my daughter and I were injured, our almost brand new car will forever have an accident on it's history. 18 months of pain, doctors visits, PT. All because a couple of idiots thought they'd be courteous. We're better now, but I still have random pain in my rt knee and hip.


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I guess my opinion is way different. I'm from Seattle area and other then lots of speeding on your freeways I found Vt drivers to be much less aggressive then the Seattle area. I found with the east Coast in general ppl love driving really fast on the freeway. I mean we're all driving about 10 over out here, but on the east coast I'm like man they like driving 20-30 over, dang.

But here on the west coast, Ppl are just nuts out here. Like I commented elsewhere, so much disregard for red lights, stop signs out here. It's about getting in front of the next guy and the next guy.

I'll take driving in Vermont any day, lol.


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Wow, all these posts about this. Had no idea, hate it when ppl do that.

Things are getting worse and worse in the Seattle- Eastside area. Running red lights is getting so bad here. Not just one person, but I've watched 5 cars go through the red light after the other direction turns green. Ppl just driving straight through 4 wait stops. And then you get that rando who stops in the roundabout cause they don't understand how roundabouts work. Lots of speeding and aggressive driving. Are they really late for work or are they just angry? How can that many ppl always be late for work? I don't get that anyway, just leave early man, how hard can it be? I work in the medical field, we can't be late for work!


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Reply to planes? by 802fizo

Arrgh we had a starlink visible right outside our house in PNW. I guess I'm too old cause I thought it might be Independence Day ( the movie). Completely freaked me out. Course, then it just disappeared.


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Why not look into building something like this?

Much more attractive than a shipping container, unless you're going to do alot of work to the container. Probably nicer than an old bus or camper as well.


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I hate to be that person, but because we are planning to move to Vermont, we would never dream of doing this, this isn't necessarily an outsider thing so much as just rude, inconsiderate people, entitled and all that being mentioned already.

If I've learned one thing from this pandemic it's that people are just dumb and entitled and don't give a shit about anyone but themselves, and it's just pervasive and everywhere. It was so disappointing to me. But hubby and I both grew up in rural area with acreage so we probably learned early what was okay and not okay and respect people's property.

Anyway, don't downvote cause I totally empathize and support OP.

These tresspassers are asshats and you shouldn't have to deal with this.


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More then some. My 18yo son was bit by a dog who was on a leash but the adult owner was allowing his little kid to control the dog. My son was minding his business and walking to work. The owner just ignored that the dog bit him and my son was in too much shock to do anything but just get to work. Just so tired of people being oblivious to their responsibilities.


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We are prepping to move to Vt for health reasons also. We spent 10 days touring VT this past May. Absolutely gorgeous everywhere we went and the leaves weren't quite on the trees yet, still just gorgeous. I'm now obsessed with covered bridges. We visited about 20 or so while there. They're like pokemon for me now, gotta catch em all. Apparently there's about 100 in the state so #goals, hah