suicidemeteor t1_je2p2rw wrote

I'm a CS major, first year currently, and I'm of the opinion that programming will be one of the last major jobs to be fully automated.

This is for the simple fact that once an AI can code as proficiently as humans it will rapidly be able to iterate upon itself in an extreme manner that will functionally destroy all intellectual work.

I'm planning my life as though the singularity won't happen because for me it's frankly irrelevant. If it does happen then I'll sit back and watch the fireworks. I'll likely be out of a job, along with every other intellectual worker. While some workers might remain (particularly welders, mechanics, plumbers) I doubt those fields would be in any way recognizable.

Trades would be de-skilled to a frankly ridiculous degree. All it takes is a go-pro, an earbud, and a super intelligent AI (plus maybe a week or two of training) and you can turn just about anyone into a "good enough" tradesman. The gaps in knowledge, experience, and safety can be filled in by having a super intelligent manager looking over your shoulder. So in other words deciding to go into something like welding is irrelevant when those fields would be unrecognizable.