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The progress will come from advances in genomics and neuroscience and it'll probably take longer than a decade for two reasons. One is that we're starting from a place of almost complete ignorance and the other is that even when we understand how the brain works, it's the most complex system known and it'll be the hardest thing humanity has ever tried to fix. I could see AI improving the efficiency of the discovery process, such as speeding up drug discovery and analyzing data generated by the actual scientists, but it's not going to be the deciding factor. There are very smart people who think it's possible to solve these problems but it's going to take a lot of time unfortunately.


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Well there would be no need for the term "net zero" at all if all we were talking about were using fuel that produced zero carbon emissions. The "spurious" accounting is where the term comes from.


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He also didn't acquire PayPal. His company merged with another company and the newly formed company was named PayPal. Elon's tweets give people plenty of reasons to dislike him but it's interesting to me how fact-free everyone's assertions about the guy are. People will believe anything about someone who doesn't mesh with their worldview.


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Yeah that doesn't explain anything. I don't think I'm stupid but no matter how many times I try to read about how quantum computers work I don't really get it. I've done some programming so it's not like I'm clueless about computers. There's a lot of people on this subreddit talking about how great quantum computers are and they seem to have about the same level of understanding of it as I do. This is just one of those topics where I've resigned to the fact that it's just something for people with advanced computer science and physics degrees to talk about.