sunjay140 t1_jedfoqs wrote

I was gonna get it but the inverse polarity has me second guessing. Sure, you can flip the cable but then you look dumb. *sigh* I may get the Tangzu x HBB Hey Dry Edition instead.


sunjay140 t1_ja8job3 wrote

He reviews headphones without seeing them in real life and simply EQuing his Moondrop Variation to whatever headphone he's reviewing. He says that the Frequency Response the only thing that matters in a headphone's sound as headphones as they are pressure chambers.

He says that a $20 Moondrop Chu can be EQued to sound exactly like a $500 Moondrop Variation. He calls anyone who questions this and his review methodology a "noob".

He doesn't hate EQ for the reason you stated. He says he hates EQ because a headphone that needs EQ is a bad headphone. He says that they sound the same after EQ but EQ is just cope for buying bad headphones and that he only buys good headphones.