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In digital marketing it’s been taking jobs for years. I expect almost everyone in the field to be out in a few years.

White color work in general is completely overrated in what brainpower is required. It’s largely politics and pushing paper.


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Reply to comment by jaydayl in Microsoft Killed Bing by Neurogence

I’m going to agree. The machine was putting out creepy garbage. Unless we believe a sentient being needs protected…the Bing ai needed some basic clean up to be a MS tool, even if it dumbs things down for now.


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CBD is less potent than THC. People would benefit more from 80:20 CBD carts - but that’s price prohibitive for most people who have the tolerance and want to consume a lot of THC. You would also have to vape more material overall.

I prefer CBD oral, but I’ll take at least 100mg at a time for a noticeable benefit.