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Dyke Nite happens monthly at the Ottobar and it’s always a SUPER fun time! make sure to buy tickets in advance because a lot of their more fun events (especially Halloween) will sell out. you can find them on Insta @dykenitebaltimore

similarly, Butch Gardens is an occasional, more casual event that happens at Peabody Heights Brewery. if you’re not the type to stay out late then this is a good event, as it usually starts at 4 PM. the organizers are GRL PWR (who also host other queer events like drag shows), and you can find them on Insta as well @grlpwrbaltimore


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> A house that could have been a very reasonably priced rental property stayed off the rental market.

i don’t really see why this is a bad thing? rather than becoming a landlord’s 3rd property and sucking up tons of tenant money, the house went to someone who actually wants to own the home and live in it. we need more houses that people can buy on the market rather than forcing everyone to rent.


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i haven’t been in quite a while, but Artistic Costumes & Dance Fashions in Towson has always been a lot of fun to look around in. they sell costumes and props of both high and low quality.