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Indeed, that was what most of the things about it were saying, you had to dig a little to get to the real reason he died. However, once you do it's pretty clear and I imagine by now you've looked into it yourself. No doubt he had struggled with depression all his life, but I don't believe it killed him and neither does his family.


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Perhaps he has some talent somewhere that helped those companies be successful (though we can't discount engineers and scientists working there).

And perhaps the success and people calling him a genius went to his head and he believed it that he could do no wrong, so he started making increasingly dumb moves and failing harder and harder, but because he's been successful he's incapable of seeing his own failures and so he just gets more and more out of control.

In the end he's remembered more for his failings than his successes.

At least that's the trajectory I see.


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You're really overly optimistic. Short answer. We cannot cure aging. Even if we could, we cannot cure these diseases yet either. Imagine the richest person alive, what they wouldn't do to live longer (not even forever just longer) and yet, rich people die just like everyone else. There are efforts being made to cure diseases and aging, but they're not there yet. Also curing aging would not cure someone with cancer, it might lower prevalence if we kept everyone at a young enough age, but cancer even strikes children, so curing aging doesn't equal curing cancer.


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A lot of anti-vaxxers also say they're not anti vax and then come up with a reason why the specific anti vax instance makes sense. Thing is it is a moving goal post. I'm not sure your sincerity on the matter and I'm not here to argue it, but I have to say most of my anti-vax acquaintances (not friends, forget that) start with or out right say stuff very similar to what you just posted. I'm really not meaning to sound critical of you, just pointing out my experience and how it looks/sounds.


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I don't know, this one sounds very close to other techniques that are effective for extending life. My understanding is implanting pellets around tumors is a used method that is gaining some steam and this seems like a logical progression from there.


That said this wouldn't do much(anything) for distant metastasis, so even if we do hear about it again and it does become widely used and it is as effective as they think it could be, it still means the patient dies of pancreatic cancer, just you know, later on when the tumors are too numerous to treat.