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damn bro. im not even an expert at the Bronx - I am on the Brooklyn side and have seen all types of people and surprising changes to some neighborhoods.. even as we speak they are renovating the bronx museum for 2025 - the influx of people who want to / need to live in the city are finding bronx an alternative -- and some parts that are still social deserts are having small hip places open up to add a new layer of culture which will bring more people to make entire neighborhoods come back alive


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thats not what i've seen. Re bronx. Bronx is a big place. it might not just be in the areas you frequent yet

Also Fort Green projects has a influx of Chinese people who qualified for NYCHA moving in - changing the face of that area for the next couple of decades.

Even knocking the church down in FGP / ingersoll houses


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why does it have to be blame? housing problems can be fixed without always trying to turn it into an ethnic blame game -- that just clouds things and makes things hard to fix.

Things change, people move and migrate as their needs want or dreams dictate or economic realities come into view.

It be alot easier to navigate this without painting it as ethnic struggles - when of course.. its always been just a transitional class undulations in housing.


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thats a pretty impassioned write up.

nobody thinks that district is a hillbilly district. There is a strong voting block for trump style conservatism visible all thru queens long island all the way out to the hamptons.

Its not about wether that district is red or blue or shifting the district lines.

Someone there showed up to vote for Santos this time - they loved him. and they got what they voted for -- someone that reflects who they are. The people who didnt vote for him that doesnt apply to.


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agreed. i love him. he reps the 3rd congressional district - he's their guy! they should just live with him as a full reminder of what they value. its a mirror to what they believe.. and now they dont like what they see -- but they are really looking at themselves.


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nope. he reps long island and part of queens in the 3rd congressional district, and reflects the values of his constituency.. even if they say he doesnt.. he does. thats why they voted for him