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Yeah it’s truly baffling but this guy is just making idiotic arguments based on his own feelings so I don’t put much weight in it anyway. And agreed I love NJ but there’s no sense in papering over our issues and pretending they’re not a thing. How else are we gonna improve them otherwise?


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New York is on the list but ranks lower than PA and DE. This also gets into the main reasons kids leave the state: cost. It’s more expensive to go to in state schools here than it is to go to a lot of private schools in other states. You really have to actually do some research before assuming.


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There are absolutely better places for it than NJ though. Worse places too but we shouldn’t kid ourselves and not pretend NJ has a big problem with this, especially since we are so densely populated and urbanized.


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NJ is insanely bad with this especially in our urban areas like Newark and Jersey city. Meanwhile I’ve been in much less dense/urban areas of other states (particularly California) and they’re much better about stopping for pedestrians