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I honestly wouldn't expect chi-fi to last, its like condoms, try it once and its done.

And sadly reviewers do not tell us anything about built issues, they just open box of IEMs, listen to them for a few days and tell us how amazing it sound, done. Sad, but hyping product brings attention and viewers.

Still using my Dunu Titan 5(Five) after years of abuse, darn thing built like a tank.


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Well, in Japanese the car model written as アリア, so "Aria" would be correct.

I guess Nissan having issues with converting Katagana to Romaji or vise versa. Explains the quality of their cars


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If all your impression by switching dac/amp is "utterly blown away" and "No words for the sound coming into my ears", I guess there more placebo rather than actual difference in sound.

Can you describe how sound actually changed?


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I had a cup of herbal tea called "野草樹麗茶" from Jurakuen, Fukushima. Not bad, not amazing, yet not bad to chill with.


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Headphones are not GPU or something that evolving each year. It is not about having more fps, but finding the sound signature that you like. It is done by researching different tunings and further EQ headphones.

HD600 which were released over 20 years ago are still popular headphones to this day, and way more popular that HD660s.