sverek t1_iw60uv4 wrote

Headphones do not give you any significant advantage, the volume do.

More detailed headphones like DT1990, will present more details in sound, but it does change the fact that there was a foot step somewhere around you. In my opinion, DT1990 does the opposite of helping. There amount of details I hear, does not help, but distract me from gaming. I do not want to hear how crispy or or how mistakes there are in the footstep sound. I just want to hear it.


sverek t1_isf5crl wrote

Well, to be honest HD555 are pretty good headphones.

Sennheiser reworked HD500 series a lot, so the sound quality scales with MSRP. Still, I think HD599 sound pretty good, HD599 could sound a bit more warm than your HD555 and have different sound signature.

Try listening HD599 with different device, like smartphone, to make sure that it is not your AV that colors the sound.


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>wired headphones do not have built in dac because the signal they receive is already analogue


>Bluetooth headphones gave a dac because bluetooth transmission is digital so they have to convert it?


>Also could you theoretically utilize headphones built-in DAC if they are wired and would it be better than integrated dac in the motherboard?

I think so, yes. Integrated dac in the motherboard might have noise in it, so headphones built-in DAC might sound better. To connect such wired built-in DAC headphones with a PC, USB or other digital cable would be required.