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It will probably be funded by billionaire philanthropists and large corporations. I could see Nvidia using this as a way to promote their GP. Musk or Zuck could use it for PR. Even Gates may drop a buck, just to act like he actually cares.


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Sure, humans under 40 are also very resistant to cancer. My point was that cancer comes with old age, and aging seems to be a way for us to die before cancer or dementia kill us. There are "weak" evidence that people who have dementia are less likely to get a cancer. I understand that some mammals like whales or elephant seems to be very resistant to cancer, but if we were to double or triple their average life expectancy, other disease may become more prevalent, maybe even cancer.


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IMHO, I think that cancer and aging are necessary for complex organism. It is more likely that we solve cloning or build the first in vitro womb, than we are at deafeating cancer or aging.


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True, but with AI more computing power/data means better models. With medicine, things move slower. If we get a cure for one or two cancer this decade, it would be a massive achievement.


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But if they stop publishing, it will hurt adoption, SD1.5 has became the benchmark of txt2img models over dalle-2 or more recent SD models.

Another thing to consider is that not publishing will hurt recruitment. Character.ai founders left google to build their own company after working on Lamda.