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Have you considered Hoboken or Jersey City? Lots of young 20's / 30's singles live in both cities. Rents are high, but living with a roommate is a great way to expand your social circle. I lived in Hoboken for several years before I got married and had a car. There is street parking and you can also rent a spot in a garage. Easy commute into the city by bus or PATH from Hoboken or JC.


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Maybe I missed a comment explaining what you do, but that would be helpful to understand if 73K is a good starting salary for your particular field / industry. In general, 73K as a single person living at home with your parents is a great salary and you should be able to save money and still have a good amount left over each month for spending. If you decide to move out, I'd suggest a roommate because rents are so high in NJ.


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Maybe she should check with a realtor who can give her information on what similar apartments in the same neighborhood are currently renting for.