sweetpapatech t1_jeexrdn wrote

Totally agree.

Their argument is similar to the arguments for UBI (universal basic income), in that people freed from having to work all the time will still utilize their time to be creative and productive.

I will say though, in UBI you have some income coming to everyone so they can maintain a standard of living. In this scenario, people displaced by A.I. are going to be scrambling for jobs and figuring out their careers.

Additionally, if companies just downsize and then beef up their smaller staff with A.I. tools, we are not in a good situation for most people.

For both ideas, a big oversight is the: "How do we get there without a lot of growing pain along the way".

My biggest concern with OpenAI is what I perceive to be a lot of guessing and assumptions on their part in regards to the impact of safety and scalability for their products. They have a very, "we'll deal with it when we cross that bridge", tone. With something so dangerous, a better mid-term and long-term plan for implementation is pretty important I feel.