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Google rented a house from her back when the company fit in a suburban house. She's done most of a decade at YouTube. I could see this move being much more about her than about the company. She's put in her time.


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The Raptor engines are unusual in that they can throttle down to 40% but as far as I know they still rely on turning some on and some off during different flight stages. If not takeoff and max q, for sure during landing. That coordination has to be super complex...

For context, the engine has been under development for a decade and testing for five years. It's a smaller engine than usual on heavy lift vehicles. It's height is 10 feet. The F1 engine from the Saturn V is almost twice as tall, could fit a Raptor sideways in its nozzle, and develops over 3x the thrust. But where the Saturn V has 5 F1s on the bottom, BFR has 33 Raptors. About twice the thrust in total.

This test is a big deal for Space X. A TON of their future plans hinge on the Raptor.


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> According to a Facebook post from the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office, Kenneth Block was riding a snowmobile on a steep slope at approximately 2 p.m. Monday when the vehicle upended and landed on top of him

I expected an avalanche when I heard snowmobile accident. Rip.



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Yeah the limitations, such as new products built and sold in NY and manufacturers being able to bundle parts (an entire motherboard or drive unit or whatever), means the practical impacts of this are going be very limited.


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Does Winnie the Poohs dick taste like honey? This guy definitely knows.

And pro tip, try taking a shot at the CCPs enemies where they're actually vulnerable. Taiwan isn't having a problem with covid surging right now. Like at all. And their government is a lot more trustworthy with reporting.



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Lol I'm actually a big fan of the first few seasons but come on. It turned into self parody where about 16 of the 24 hours was just Jack in a poorly lit room yelling at a guy with pliers in one hand and a waterboarding kit in the other.

Edit AND torture mostly works in the show and anyone who studies it has found out people pretty much say whatever they think you want to hear regardless of truth/reality.