swissarmychainsaw t1_iwqafev wrote

I get a package of 3x5 cards, cut them in half and a whole bunch of baggies.

I use a sharpie to write down on the card where the thing goes, etc. then put the index card half in the baggie with the part.
Also take pictures.

Pro tip: write down on the index cards as if your mom was going to re-assemble the engine in 3 months. It will help you make clear instructions. This works!


swissarmychainsaw t1_iug4ibl wrote

You will never keep rats out of your firewood. I would build a structure away from my house that houses the majority of the wood. Then I would every week move chunks of wood close to the house when ready to burn.

You actually built the rats a nice cozy home to live in!
Also don't use poison, it will just kill predators in the food chain like owls, raccoons and other critters you don't want to harm like house cats


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Hello! Meet my friends! We call ourselves "the People!".
Who them? Oh yes, those are our neighbors. We call them "the stinking dick-nosers".

But in French it probably sounds cool.