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I’d imagine companies like Blackrock would be paying out pensions in part using rent from properties they own/will own. My understanding of this is abysmal, but it fits the boomers-siphoning-wealth-from-younger-generations narrative fairly well.

Meanwhile, my social security deductions for February would cover ~3wks of groceries.


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Reply to comment by SausageMcFlurry in Traffic SUCKS! by DrBiochemistry

When I was biking everywhere during the 2015 blizzards it was easily faster than driving/walking/mass transiting.

Since I moved out of bike commute distance, where most of us complaining about traffic are at, I do still bike every day - it’s just on a roller in my apartment.

People who are fat/poor/miserable are as such for plenty of reasons that have nothing to do with their mode of transport. (Not including folks who eat a full fcking meal while driving - definitely some causation there)


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I’d like to see an amino acids profile metric. Foods that contain all nine essential amino acids tend to be animal protein.

You can get them all from a vegan diet, but you’ll be eating considerably more and thus spending more.

I will for the 900th time state my opinion that neither vegan or animal inclusive diets are the solution to mitigating our food consumption energy impact; getting people to only eat what they need is; people tend to consume far more calories in a day than they need and most of them aren’t even aware of this.

But hey, pretending that you’re having a positive impact is fun.

Edit: Holy hell. Alright, I’m just gonna stick to my 1000cal-less-than-the-avg-American-diet (remember kids, calories are energy, and that energy comes from somewhere) and leave you all to your totally helpful virtual soap boxes.


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I guess another way to look at it would be to factor in advances in human active, deliberate evolution, a term I just made up but may or may not exist.

For example, implementing methods of extending the brain’s ability to be plastic, making it easier to learn/understand/accept new things. It’s not just the tech that’s advancing; we’re changing along with it.


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So, you were thrice vaccinated, got omicron, and were then exposed to a new variant + 4th boost, with no ill effect. Given that the initial 3 vaccinations did not protect you, is your assumption still that the 4th dose was the ultimate protection in your exposures vs natural immunity? I’m reading your comment as: was vaccinated, got sick, then didn’t get sick after subsequent exposure.


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I’ve had 3 places in different areas of Brighton and managed to be able to get nearly anywhere in Boston via bike in 10-20 minutes.


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I’d be legitimately unsurprised if my skipping the quarterly manager “outing” (which involved going to a thing after work on a fucking Tuesday night, and would’ve doubled my commute time home) eventually resulted in being let go. Thus, I’m now professionally laconic. -_-