syndicatecomplex t1_jeg4qn0 wrote

Buses just get stuck in traffic all day and I feel like there's not enough political will to convert one of the many lanes to a BRT lane.

The subway won't really affect current drivers in any way other than construction and pedestrians, so imo it should be the priority. It won't even be that expensive to get up and running either especially since it would be an extension of the BSL.


syndicatecomplex t1_jeflepj wrote

Honestly this will do more to alleviate traffic on 76 than the KOP line ever would have. Other than hooking up the Roosevelt Boulevard Subway and connecting West Chester to Regional Rail, this is easily the most exciting prospective project.

I wish they would include Birdsboro as a stop, and have an extension to Oaks since the rail leads right to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. And once they get this hooked up to Norristown, I'd also like their train to stop at the Wissahickon station on the way to CC too :)