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Okay, great, so it sounds like there's a little bit of flexibility. I'd try to build time in the calendar for walking - whether that's at morning/evening "commute" time, or by blocking some time off on the calendar (I know, I know, way easier said than done). It took me a long time WFH before I started blocking off my calendar for things like lunch, but you're entitled to that break during the day, so you should take it.

Maybe try something like an under-desk bicycle or a treadmill desk to try and build a little bit of physical activity into the day - I find myself on meetings every once in a while where I'm just listening in or with my team who knows me well, and I pull my bike trainer up to my desk and ride on Zwift during the meeting.


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I'm an xfinity mobile customer, three lines sharing 10gb. Can't beat the price. This past weekend was the first time I experienced any issues with deprioritization, and I was at the Tidal Basin for the Cherry Blossom Festival among a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people.

I'd like to see them support Android devices other than Pixels and Samsung - I had to keep a separate account on Ting for my kid's handed down Moto G6. That Moto is now dead so I don't have that problem anymore, but I would like to try a Surface Duo just for the novelty, and xfinity mobile is a barrier.


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That will flow cars better, at the expense of pedestrians trying to cross. I'm not sure how you fix that without defeating the purpose of the roundabout - if you move the crosswalks back from the intersection car traffic wouldn't yield unless you put in a traffic light, and if you put in a traffic light you're right back where you started. Ped bridges/underpasses add expense and ADA compliance complexity.


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Not sure why the downvotes here - with a car, it's easy enough to stay in Short Pump and get into downtown within about 20 minutes at any time of the day other than weekday rush hour, and having a car in the city is convenient enough.

Are there more compelling hotels in the city, and will it be a better experience? Sure. But there's often a $200+ dollar a night price difference between what's available in the city, and what's available out in the suburbs. If that's the difference between making the trip work and not, then stay out in the suburbs and come on down.


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Welcome to Richmond! There are lots of great neighborhoods to be in for runners. Out of curiosity, I fired up Zillow and here are some promising prospects: