t4thfavor t1_iy4hhbc wrote

Could I do it? Yes, absolutely.


Could you do it? Sounds iffy since you are asking this question to Reddit.


If you can get a pull rope through it, then yes it should be easy. Start with using some nylon string (it needs to be strong) and tie a paper towel or tissue to the end of it. Use a vacuum cleaner and suck one end of the pipe while someone else feeds in the tissue and string. Be careful not to overshoot since you will be vacuuming up a bunch of string and that won't be good. Next use electrical tape to connect the wire to the string and see if it will pull in. Terminate the ends, and you're done.


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Cruise homeless camps within walking distance from where it was placed. If you see it, offer them 100$. It's going to be a gamble either way, it may have already been found.