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Yeah, cancer has 12 different symptoms, and Long COVID has 200 different symptoms. Sure seems plausible to me.

Seriously, try to find any disease other than Long COVID that’s claimed to have 200 symptoms. I can guarantee with 100% certainty that no such disease exists.


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The WHO article I linked to says that Long COVID has over 200 symptoms. Did you read the article?

Seriously, the Mayo Clinic only lists 12 different symptoms for cancer.


The idea that any disease that actually exists could have 17 times as many symptoms as freaking cancer is total pseudoscience.


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Also, just read any news article about Long COVID. Almost every article involves a person (almost always a woman) who’s gone to about 12 different doctors, and all of the doctors tell her she’s just imagining things. Of course, the authors of the article (who usually scream “trust the science”) always claims that all 12 of those doctors are wrong.


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The occasional articles about post-viral syndrome that were written before 2020 always treated post-viral syndrome as a mental illness and a joke.


And Long COVID is rebranded post-viral syndrome.


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Previous mental health disorders? Hmm, maybe that’s because Long COVID itself is a mental health disorder, and if you have one mental health disorder you’re more likely to have other mental health disorders?

Women? Well, every other psychogenic illness tends to be about 80% in women and girls.