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Yeah, let's swap out all of his tools for ones from Harbor Freight and then tell him he's a slacker every time one breaks and he has to go get a replacement one.


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Reminds me of when Romney was running for president and said something about his wife being a "stay at home mom" at some point.

Sorry, but if you are in an income bracket where you don't just have paid help to make things a bit easier, but have "household staff" then you are not what the term is at all about.


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My experience with a triple decker condo is that nobody is involved except the owners. One person manages the account & routine bill payment, but otherwise it's a pretty simple "best of three" on any decision making.

It sounds like you're getting hosed though. If I were you I wouldn't rock the boat now, but make sure that you're going to kill whatever relationship you have once that term is up.

Meanwhile you can also figure out how much he's collected from you all and if it's worth filing in small claims court for him abusing the position he put himself in to line his pockets.


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Same as a lot of people here where everyone with a job that did not physically require you on site was allowed to work from home one day a week.

Of course one of the last bosses I had at that job was a fucking micromanager who never would have let us even do that if it wasn't a blanket policy for everyone. She required you to send a detailed list at the end of the day of what you were working on and made scheduling it a pain in the ass to avoid having overlap of when people were working from home on the same day.

I sometimes imagine that she died at the start of the pandemic because she had a massive stroke over not being able to hover over people's shoulders all day.


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Yeah, you can also use it to brown meat and vegetables when starting a braising dish. When they said they were looking for as little cleanup/mess as possible I figured they probably weren't the type to save it for stuff like that which is why I made that suggestion.

I'm the type that buys slabs of pork belly and makes my own so am definitely down with saving it for other use. I always get the skin on belly because a few squares of that skin is a great way to add a bit of fat & some smoke flavor to a soup or stew.


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>as little cleanup/mess as possible

When the pan cools a bit but the bacon fat is still liquid throw a handful of oatmeal into the pan and get it all coated in that fat to remove most of it. Then throw it out in the yard for the birds and squirrels to get a bit of a high calorie treat. After that the pan cleanup is nothing.


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There are also people who get aftermarket lights for their cars but don't adjust the aim correctly so it has the same effect as brights on 24/7 when from the driver's seat they think it is just normal headlights. This is exponentially more likely in cars that have been modded with fancy rims, a spoiler, soda can muffler or anything associated with drifting.


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There's also a really high turnover rate where a majority of people who get a job as a case worker with DCF burn out within a couple of years. That means the odds of getting someone with significant experience who is better able to assess the situation is pretty low.

That type of inexperience can impact cases like this as well as the ones where a kid ultimately dies despite having an open case with DCF.


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I think it does matter "in addition" to the navigable waterway requirements.

I saw something in some of the proposed plans that said something about the original building of the parkway including specific assertions to the yacht club that they would always have access to the harbor from there.

So even if the navigable water restriction was worked out the yacht club would be in a good position to take actions in court that could delay the project for years.


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>You're using 1990, a huge gang war year, as a bellwether...We’ve had an average of 3 shootings a week so far in 2023.

And you're using a 3-4 week data set as a bellwether which is even less relevant when it comes to statistical analysis of overall homicide rates.

Plus there's the fact that you're repeatedly pitching some sort of fantasized connection between supposedly "unused" bike lane construction and homicides. Then you made it clear that you're completely daft when it comes to someone sarcastically taking the piss out of you (I even put the "/s" in the previous reply to try to help you out there).

I will say that if you went to Boston Public Schools we can at least use your stance on shootings & bike lanes as a prime example of educational failure here. I'll take that as a consolation.