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That would be the 3rd genocide against Armenians if they do it. People talk about the Armenian genocide of 1915-1923, that resulted in 1.5 million deaths, but no one ever mentions the Hamidian massacres just 20 years prior, that resulted in up to 300,000 Armenian casualties. It was named after Ottoman sultan Hamid II, who wanted to further islamize the empire. About 25000 Assyrians were also killed.

There definitely seems to be a habit developing in the region, a habit of genociding Armenians.

Edit: I just found this list actually, seems there are even more, and generally caused by anti-christian sentiment.


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Around half of those were terrible colonial nations, and one can make the argument that France and the UK still are. Nations whose historical and perhaps current sins are even greater than that of hungary's. One of them actually voluntarily left the EU recently. Hungary is being a dickhead now, but never in its history did it do something as bad as Belgium did. Great selection.


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No. Are women in the US being killed for not covering their heads? No, you have pride parades, gay nightclubs, largely uncensored internet porn available for free and practically everywhere, ability to burn bibles and insult religious figures and no one cares (unless it's muhammed). These are just examples, if I'd make an exhaustive list I'd be here all night.