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I just don't believe annual population estimates anymore after they were proven so inaccurate by the 2020 Census.

Every year from 2011-2019, the annual surveys said we were losing population, especially cities. The media and certain think tanks went rabid over it. Then the actual count showed we net gained people from 2010-2020.


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The most direct way to reduce congestion is congestion pricing. Tolls that scale in real time to reflect traffic conditions. But that won't happen in NJ soon. Look at the controversy surrounding NYC daring to create the first CP program in the country.

I call for expanding alternatives to driving and better urban planning to make driving less necessary. Public transit, trains, BRT, biking and walking infra, the GCL (expand PATCO tbh), etc.

Remove trucks from the road by linking warehouses to freight rail instead of roads. We already do it in Logan Township. Do it more.


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Not congestion pricing. It doesn't scale with real time congestion. NYC's program will be the first in the country.

You can't conclude people will pay whatever it takes to ride the road based on pathetically low tolls relative to the full social cost of driving. CP is another policy with lots of research behind it. It works.

It negates widening.

I propose alternatives in the petition.


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The tolls we have don't reduce congestion. Only congestion pricing reduces congestion by reducing driving. We don't have CP because it's politically toxic. See: NJ politicians reacting to NYC doing CP.

If you want congestion pricing instead of widening the road, I'm with you. It doesn't justify widening though. CP replaces widening, in fact.