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I have a core I bought years ago but the barometer crapped out on me on year 2. I wonder if Suunto would fix it for me? Anyone have experience with their service department? Any good?

I did like the watch while it was working. The barometer was critical for me, it served as my main weather alert when hiking in the mountains.

I also have their mc-2 global compass which again, is amazing in design but a bubble developed in it again after 2 or 3 years, making it tough to use properly.

I feel like Suunto is great at design but in terms of longevity/BIFL either I have just been unlucky or the long term quality just isn't there.


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I've personally had better results than that transmitting on a handheld set to 5w. There are a lot of variables to range on low power, small antenna units like this. Frequency, obstacles, characteristics of the terrain, condition of the antenna and connector, height above ground, background interference etc.

The best thing you can do to help yourself if you need to use one of these in the wilderness is to get as high as safely possible above potential receivers with it before transmitting. I.e. climb a hill or mountain with it if you want to be heard.

A neat trick if you have two decent handhelds and some rope: set one radio up to retransmit what it receives, tie a rope to its lanyard and throw it up into a tree branch as high as you can. With the other unit you can now transmit with your impromptu repeater being (hopefully) significantly higher up and giving you waaay better range. A decade or so ago I set up a very crude pair of solar powered repeaters like this in the mountains, it worked well and I was able to talk to people dozens of miles away on the other side of the mountains so long as I had LOS with the first repeater. The repeaters in trees at mountain peaks had massive transmit range even at low wattage. Not bad for some cheap Quansheng radios


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Olfa is a great BIFL brand. Have never had a problem with any of their tools, and they make a bunch - box cutters, rotary cutters (Looks like a pizza cutter), paper cutters, all kinds of stuff.

As long as it's made in Japan it's all good stuff and it's the same thing the JP domestic market consumes. Japan is notoriously fussy about quality stationery items so the bar is kept quite high.