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That’s the magic of the Narrows hike. You actually hike in the river. Sometimes on one bank or the other, but constantly crossing through the water. As the canyon walls narrow, the water gets deeper. Depending on recent weather, it can easily be hip or even chest high in some places. It’s amazing. Obviously a summer hike.

The trick to really enjoying this hike is to wear a swimsuit under your clothes and don’t take anything with you at all. No camera, no backpack, no phone, nothing. That way you won’t have to worry about stumbling, and can even float some sections on the way back.


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Perms are a very common thing in Caucasian women once they hit their 60’s and their hair thins out - unless you want to look like a plucked bird. I suppose black women get their poisonous styling done earlier in life.


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I once had two female cats, one somehow got out and got pregnant, we fixed the other one real fast but allowed the first one to have her litter. The “auntie” cat got so involved that the kittens tried to nurse on her. She also sometimes tried to steal the kittens, grabbing them and carrying them off.