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In this specific case they are referring to Flood Volcanism. The Deccan Traps (I probably spelled that wrong) are a large igneous province in India where, about the same time as the Dino asteroid (geologically speaking), large cracks opened in the crust and absolutely immense volumes of basaltic lava poured out in flows hundreds of feet thick covering thousands of square miles one on top of the other. The cumulative depth of these flows are measured in miles.


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Check your dryer manual. Some dryers have the option to vent out the back or the side. You may need to purchase some parts for the dryer but it will be less than remodeling.

Is it possible to just switch the dryer and washer so the dryer and vent line up? You might need to get longer hoses and drain for the washer and move the dryer door hinge side, but again cheaper than remodeling…

If you are set on remodeling it would be sounder, structurally, to move the washer hookups, 3 much smaller holes in the studs than 4 inch holes in a 6 inch studs.