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Progressive ex twitter employee posts article on progressive newsite the atlantic, expressing feelings of not being a fan of Elon Musk's changes to Twitter, more news at 11

As if Twitter wasn't already a toxic hellscape long before Musk took it over


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Oh there are similarities when you describe the two cases at a surface level. But any kind of deeper look at the two scenarios should make it super obvious that it's not really things that are comparable

The contracts that SpaceX won very early on when they were basically a very young startup with no proven track record. Those contracts are comparable to this contract that BO has been awarded


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Reply to Robotaxi by RolfEjerskov

Many people are probably gonna point to companies like Waymo who already operate robotaxi's. And that is true, and they will continue to operate for several years to come at minimum

However Waymo isn't close to profitable, and their tech isn't really designed in a scalable way (cars are too expensive, not able to be mass produced, and the software basically needs a ton of hardcoding to work in any given area), which is why they're still only operating in a few small parts of cities like Phoenix and San Francisco