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> isolated from dangerous contamination like e-coli and other bacteria

Stop parroting pseudo science and learn the facts. Most varieties of e-coli are not harmful to people, but since it's presence indicates that harmful bacteria is present it's used as an indicator of danger.

Do you really think all of humanity's food can be grown in buildings? And "isolated"... Go watch Fantastic Fungi and educate yourself. We are part of a web of life with a proper balance between organisms. Hydro facilities spend all their time fighting infections


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>the family would face high costs after the order to rebuild the pub and that this could be taken into account in the fine. “Given the defendants have to rebuild the building, we understand they will have financial burdens in that effect.

Fuck that. they should be bankrupted. What's the point of forgiving the fine because they have to pay for their asshole actions?


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Yeah. There was a lovely historic theater on 42nd street that they wanted to replace. The facade was landmarked (art deco) so they couldn't touch it. The developwers removed the WHOLE fucking building and dug a 3 story deep pit. That beautiful 5 or 6 story stone front was perched on the edge of the pit. I went past it on the bus every day and I couldn't believe that was stable. Guess what? it wasn't. It fell into the pit and the assholes got to build their eyesore unimpeded.


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Me too! Around 1995 I think. We got discount tickets from locals and spent a week doing all the rides, parks, experiences. water parks and Universal with no stress. Before half of Universal was wiped out by hurricanes. Even stayed on property. Nothing like how people talk about going there today