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I had some pretty nasty experiences at the eatontown one but that was a decade ago. I had called and asked what I needed, I get there and shocker! they forgot to tell me that I needed pictures of my antique car as well. No pictures on my phone we’re not good enough. The freehold one was fast and nice when I went to renew my license when I turned 21. Almost a decade ago too.


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Thunder road book store in spring lake does a book club. I’m pretty sure booktowne in manasquan does one but I’m not positive.

ETA: if these aren’t near you, search local bookstores on Google then check out their Instagram/website/facebook.


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These are gorgeous! The frame itself is pretty too haha. They’re going to love this! I know my parents would.

My husband works along the D&R Canal and every time I see it I want to walk along it! Still never have. We live at the “shore” and I never even knew the D&R canal existed until I visited him at work. So basically I’m saying: it’s nice to see you utilize and appreciate the beautiful nature around you.

PS. I hope your knee heals soon! My MIL had knee replacement surgery and it seems like a hellish recovery. Feel well!


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I love Spring Whittaker’s paintings. She had a shop in point pleasant but is relocating right now.

In Manasquan there’s an art gallery called Main Street Gallery and there’s a rotation of local artists on display. If you don’t find someone in this thread or online, I would hit up your local art galleries.