tatertot225 t1_j9ymio8 wrote

My first memory was my dad saving me from drowning in a pool. Was outside (alone) , probably 3 years old, was told don't go near the pool (above ground) so obviously I was going to go near the pool since it tool up 3/4 of the yard and kids don't listen. Luckily, my sister was walking by the window and saw me fall in. I remember looking up, seeing the rays from the sun scattering from above, then a big Ole fuckin hand grabbing me by the face. Im now 34 and while I may not have saved the lives of my kids yet, my dad reflexes are elite and have prevented several broken bones and long trips to the ER. Wait, that's not true, I let my friends 6 year old drive my sled (he had experience with 4 wheelers) I was hopping on the back and had 1 foot seated in the tunnel. He pinned it, panicked and had a death grip on the throttle, up on one ski, no helmets, my head was inches from metal fence poles by the time I was able to reach up and grab the powder handle, couldn't get his hand off the throttle, got back to 2 skis, and hit the kill switch about 15 feet from the tree line (old pines) and locked the brakes. Whole ordeal was maybe 6 seconds, but felt like a couple mins. From thoughts on how to react to the situation, to taking control and executing a well thought out plan on how to avoid crushing a child between me and my handlebars and ultimately centering my forhead on a tree at 60mph, dad reflexes did it