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When you've spent the 80's reading a gazillion Harlequin romance paperbacks, that are exactly the same plot formulas, girl meets guy, girl hates guy, conflict, sort of friends now, conflict again, PG rated sexy times, girl loses guy, girl gets guy back, they live happily ever after... only the title and character names have changed ...

You get used to Hallmark movies pretty quickly.


tauntonlake t1_je1jzqc wrote

I prefer to read the book first.

I get insights into the movie plot, that isn't often covered on film...

for example, American Gods on Starz, is awful, IF you haven't read the book first.

I mentally fill in a LOT of the gaps in the screenwriting, that would have just been a big WTF is going on here now ? :D

never mind how badly Starz deviated from the book .. off the rails ... but that's another story ....