taweryawer t1_ja109yc wrote

>This is just a mirror of who gets the most hatespeech.

LMAO you can't be serious that disabled people get more hate than rich people, left wingers, right wingers, gays and so on. I've seen tons of homophobia, political hate from both side of the spectrum but I've never seen hate towards a disabled person


taweryawer t1_ja0zf9e wrote

What about the almost 2x difference between "men" and "women"? You are only comparing the lowest and the highest.

And you have to be blind to not see how it's biased. It's an AI, not a person and it's a hate content filter, it shouldn't differentiate between the subjects of hate, because any HATE is still HATE. This is it's job. You are trying to justify the bias but it shouldn't be biased in the first place