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She didn’t. They’re talking about two different people. The first person mentioned a person who is claiming to be the Queen of Canada which isn’t an actual thing but the person is real and doing that and she’s a figure in Conspiracy Theory circles and she does engage in antivax conspiracy. The second person was referring to Queen Elizabeth as a bit because technically English monarchs are still very loosely and purely symbolically are the monarchs of Canada. It was a joke about how technically the lady who is claiming to be Queen of Canada is quickly probably wrong because the “Queen of Canada” died in September because if we were giving that title to anyone it’d have been Elizabeth.

Reflecting on all this shit I just said I think I’m chronically online. My brain is broken by the nonsense happening in the world, holy shit.


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I love their magical logic. They often won’t give their names. The ones in America have this belief about gold fringes on a flag and how anyone who has a flag with gold fringes isn’t representing the government. They have all these hyper specific things that they think makes a difference to our legal system. I wouldn’t be shocked if they freaked out if you touched them with iron.


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No I’m saying that the deaths from alcohol under prohibition were worse than they are currently. Alcohol was dangerous as fuck during prohibition. You had no regulation over it and as a result had no way of telling if what you were drinking was ethanol or methanol. One of those causes blindness pretty quickly.


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I mean we haven’t eliminated OD’s here either. We never will. People’s desire to be intoxicated will always be there and the need will always be met. Education is how you address issues with drug use, not criminalization. We have people hesitant to get help because of the criminal nature of their behavior. Genuinely, what good has come from prohibition? Because it’s not currently theoretical, we’re living it out. Prohibition is currently creating a worse world to live in. I’ve got to ask you, are you planning on going and creating a heroin habit for yourself if it were attainable tomorrow? Is simple access to heroin the barrier between you and just totally being unable to control yourself or is it that you know that would be a bad idea and you wouldn’t engage in that either way? What was more effective in your life in preventing you from sinking to the depths of drug addiction education or prohibition?


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You won’t. It’s a pointless fight. The war on drugs makes things worse for people all around. The problems with drugs are 95% because it’s a black market. Adulteration deaths (your fentynal deaths) wouldn’t happen in a regulated market. Violence surrounding it wouldn’t happen in a regulated market. Spread of blood born diseases would be lessened with greater access to needles. People don’t like this but the war on drugs is what makes drug use so damn dangerous.